Board Meetings

April 12, 2011 Agenda

 A G E N D A*




TUESDAY, APRIL 12 , 2011




9:00 a.m.           1.   Approval of Claims and Informational Discussion of Agenda Items Listed




                                                         ITEMS OF BUSINESS



10:00 a.m.           2.  Call Meeting to Order, Approval of Minutes of the April 5, 2011, Meeting


10:01 a.m.           3.  Human Resources – JD Pellersels

                                Re:  Approval of Memorandum of Personnel Transactions


10:02 a.m.           4.  County Auditor – Patrick Gill

                                  Re:  Receive Auditor’s Quarterly Report


10:03 a.m.           5.  County Treasurer – Michael Clayton

                                  Re:  Approval of Abating Mobile Home Taxes that are Uncollectable or Impractical to 

                                         Pursue Collection


10:04 a.m.           6.  Social Service Coordinator – Patty Erickson-Puttmann

                                  Re:  Approval of Architectural Agreement from RDG for Services for the Next Phase

                                         of Courthouse Restoration/Preservation


10:09 a.m.           7.  Board Member – Jaclyn Smith

                                  Re:  Discussion and Action on Courthouse Cafeteria Proposal


10:15 a.m.           8.  Board Administration/Public Bidder – Karen James

(Set time)                  a.  Public Hearing and Sale of Property Parcel # 901235 (aka 1600 30th Street)


10:17 a.m.                b.  Public Hearing and Sale of Property Parcel # 901250 (aka 1532 30th Street)

(Set time)

                                c.  Approval of Resolution for a Tax Suspension for N.I.



10:35 a.m.          9.  Building Services – Mark Elgert

                                 Re:  Discussion and Action on Three CIP Projects for FY 2011

  1. Tuck Pointing at Prairie Hills
  2. DHS Computer Room Floor
  3. Elevator at Prairie Hills


10:40 a.m.        10.  Secondary Roads – Mark Nahra

                               a.    Consider Approval of FY 2012 Iowa DOT Budget

  1.    Consider Approval of FY2012-2016 Construction Program
  2.    Discussion of Improvement of County Route D50 (250th Street) in Miller Township   

 Richard Hamann











10:50 a.m.          11.  County Auditor’s Office – Jean Jessen

  1.  Presentation of Automating Time Off and Overtime/Comp Requests Through the Computerized Time Card System
  2. Discussion of Migration of Salaried Employees to the Computerized Time Card System


 11:15 a.m.        12.  Hearing of any Individual/Group to Make a Presentation of Item(s) Not On the

                                  Agenda and Supervisors’ Concerns







Subject to Additions/Deletions





TUESDAY, APRIL 12          10:00 a.m.   Senior Center Board of Directors Meeting, 313 Cook Street


WED., APRIL 13                  12:00 noon District Board of Health Meeting, 1014 Nebraska St.


THUR., APRIL 14                 7:00 p.m.    Siouxland Mental Health Center, Board Meeting, 625 Court St.


                                             12:00 p.m.  SIMPCO Board of Directors, 1122 Pierce St, Sioux City,  IA    


 WED., APRIL 21                 7:30 a.m.     Woodbury County Information Communication

                                                                   Commission, Board of Supervisors’ Chambers 


MON., APRIL 25                   7:00 p.m.    Zoning Commission Meeting, Board of Supervisors’ Chambers


                                              7:30 p.m.    Fair Board Meeting, Woodbury County Fair Office, Fairgrounds,                                                                           Moville, Iowa.


MONDAY, MAY 2                7:00 p.m.      Board of Adjustment meeting, Board of Supervisors’



TUESDAY, MAY 3               4:00 p.m.     Veteran Affairs Meeting, Veteran Affairs Office, 1211 Tri-View  



WEDNESDAY, MAY 4       12:00 noon    District Board of Health Meeting, 1014 Nebraska St.


THURSDAY, MAY 5             5:00 p.m.    Conservation Board Meeting, Dorothy Pecaut Nature

                                                                   Center, Stone Park 



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