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Filing A Subdivision Plat

Steps Required for Filing a Subdivision Plat in the Woodbury County Recorder’s Office

(1) The original mylar of the subdivision plat should be 22 ½” x 24 ½”. When the original mylar of the subdivision plat has been produced by the surveyor, the following signatures should be obtained prior to making any additional copies. The official or a designated person in the respective office may sign the certificate in black ink.

  • Engineer Certificate
  • Governing Body’s Resolution (either Board of Supervisors or City Council)
  • Planning and Zoning Certificate (either City or County Zoning)
  • Dedication
  • County Treasurer
  • Assessor (either City or County)
  • Mortgage Holder (if applicable)
  • Auditor’s Subdivision Name Approval

*Iowa Code requires prior approval of Subdivision Name; obtain approval from the Real Estate/Recorder Deputy.

**The certificates for the Title Opinion and Recorder will be left blank. Those certificates on the original mylar as well as on all the copies will be signed at the time of recording of the subdivision plat.

(2) Once you have all the required signatures, you will need to obtain the following prior to the recording:

One mylar copy of the original mylar that is 22 ½” x 24 ½”.

This mylar copy will be retained by the Recorder’s Office as the original mylar is retained by the surveyor.

One 32 pound white paper plat page (19” x 22”) with a 3 inch margin along the 19” edge.

This page will be made from a mylar that was produced by the surveyor. It will be of the picture of the subdivision along with the name of the subdivision—no certificates. This page will be retained for the Auditor’s Plat Book.

Minimum of Eight white paper copies of the original mylar that are 22 ½” x 24 ½”.

These will be retained for the Auditor, Assessor, Abstractors, and Mapping.

The only known local business that is capable of making all of these copies is:

Sioux City Blueprint Company
709 Douglas Street
Sioux City, Iowa 51101

(3) One or more days prior to the anticipated recording of the subdivision plat, call the Recorder’s Office at (712)279-6528 to speak to Diane Swoboda Peterson, Real Estate/Recorder Deputy, to schedule a 9:00 am appointment to record the subdivision plat. The Recorder’s Office is located in the Courthouse at 620 Douglas Street, Room 106. You will need to bring the original mylar and all the copies listed in #2 to the appointment.

(4) Please be prepared to pay the recording fees upon completion of the recording. The Recorder’s Office can accept cash, checks, money order or credit/debit card.

Thank you for your cooperation.