Board Meetings

2019-07-16 Board of Supervisors Meeeting


The Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.  Board members present were Ung, Radig, Pottebaum, De Witt, and Taylor.  Staff members present were Karen James, Board Administrative Assistant, Melissa Thomas, Human Resources Director, Dennis Butler, Budget/Tax Analyst, and Michelle Skaff, Deputy Auditor/Clerk to the Board.      

The regular meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and a Moment of Silence.   

Presentation of gift, picture of courthouse, from CMBA Architects, Des Moines, IA, for County Courthouse being one of the best designed buildings in Iowa.

Motion by Radig second by Ung to approve the agenda for July 16,2019.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.       

Motion by Radig second by Taylor to approve the following items by consent:

To approve minutes of the July 9, 2019 meeting.  Copy filed.

To approve the claims totaling $528,182.82.  Copy filed.

To approve the separation of Kyle Wiig, Civilian Jailer, County Sheriff Dept., effective 7-03-19.  Resignation.; the promotion of Kimberlee Koepke, Clerk III, County Treasurer Dept., effective 7-17-19, $23.06/hour, 6.7%=$1.46/hour.  Promotion from MV Clerk II to Tax Clerk III.; the end of probation of Chad Robson, Motor Grader Operator, Secondary Roads Dept., effective 7-30-19, @24.45/hour, 3%=$.72/hour.  Per CWA Secondary Roads Contract agreement.  End of Probation Salary Increase.; the reclassification of Jill Fitch, P/T Courthouse Safety & Security Officer, County Sheriff Dept, effective 8-01-19, $19.51/hour, 5.5%=$1.01/hour.  Per Wage Plan comparability with AFSCME Courthouse Contract, form Grade 3/Step 3 to Grade 3/Step 4.; the reclassification of Kelly Hansen, Service Officer, Veteran Affairs Dept., effective 8-04-19, $25.14/hour, 9%=$2.08/hr.  Per Wage Plan comparability with AFSCME Courthouse Contract, from Grade 5/Step 4 to Grade 5/Step 5.; and the reclassification of Darius Barnes, Civilian Jailer, County Sheriff Dept., effective 8-05-19, $23.84/hour., 15%=$3.17/hr.  Per CWA Civilian Officers Contract agreement, from Class to Senior Class due to 4 years employment and Bachelor’s Degree. Copy filed.

To approve and authorize the Chairperson to sign the Authorization to initiate the hiring process for Civilian Jailer, County Sheriff Dept.  CWA:  $19.86/hour and M.V. Clerk II, County Treasurer Dept., AFSCME:  $16.84/hour.  Copy filed.

To receive the 4th quarter from SIMPCO for fiscal year FY19.  Copy filed.

To receive for signatures a Resolution naming depositories for the County Treasurer. 



BE IT RESOLVED by the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors in Woodbury County, Iowa:  That we do hereby designate the following named banks to be depositories of the Woodbury County funds in amounts not to exceed the amount named opposite each of said designated depositories and Michael Clayton, Woodbury County Treasurer is hereby authorized to deposit the Woodbury County funds in amounts not to exceed in the aggregate the amounts named for said banks as follows, to wit:

                                                                                                                                                           MAXIMUM DEPOSIT                                       MAXIMUM DEPOSIT     

                                                                                                                                                              In the effect            

                                                                                                                                                                  Prior                                                                    under the

NAME OF DEPOSITORY                                               LOCATION                                                   resolution                                                              resolution

U.S. Bank                                                                 Sioux City, Iowa                                                 $50,000,000                                                         $50,000,000

Security National Bank                                             Sioux City, Iowa                                                100,000,000                                                         100,000,000

Wells Fargo Bank                                                     Sioux City, Iowa                                                  50,000,000                                                           50,000,000

PeoplesBank                                                            Sioux City, Iowa                                                  50,000,000                                                           50,000,000

First National Bank                                                   Sioux City, Iowa                                                  50,000,000                                                           50,000,000

Primebank                                                                Sioux City, Iowa                                                  50,000,000                                                            50,000,000

Great Southern Bank                                               Sioux City, Iowa                                                    5,000,000                                                              5,000,000

First National Bank                                                  Correctionville, Iowa                                                 100,000                                                              1,000,000

Pioneer Bank                                                           Sergeant Bluff, Iowa                                            10,000,000                                                            10,000,000

Sloan State Bank                                                     Sloan, Iowa                                                           5,000,000                                                              5,000,000

Valley Bank & Trust                                                 Danbury, Iowa                                                       1,500,000                                                              1,500,000

BankFirst                                                                 Hornick, Iowa                                                         5,000,000                                                              5,000,000

First National Bank                                                  Correctionville, Iowa                                              5,000,000                                                              5,000,000

United Bank of Iowa                                                Moville, Iowa                                                          5,000,000                                                              5,000,000

Heritage Bank                                                         Anthon, Iowa                                                          5,000,000                                                              5,000,000

Liberty National Bank                                             Sioux City, Iowa                                                    25,000,000                                                            25,000,000

First American Bank                                               Sioux City, Iowa                                                    10,000,000                                                           10,000,000

Central Bank                                                          Sioux City, Iowa                                                    10,000,000                                                            10,000,000

Kingsley State Bank                                              Sergeant Bluff, Iowa                                                  100,000                                                               1,000,000

First State Bank                                                     Danbury, Iowa                                                                      0                                                             $5,000,000  

SO RESOLVED this 16th day of July 2019


Copy filed.

Carried 5-0.

Motion by Taylor second by Pottebaum to approve the contract with Iowa Civil Contracting Inc., for $62,378.76 for project #ER_CO97(138)—58-97.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Motion by Pottebaum second by Radig to approve the request for $1,250 (from gaming revenue) to be a Conference Supporting Sponsor for the 2019 PDI Fall Conference.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Motion by Radig second by Ung to approve the request for the expenditure of up to $7,279 in LOST funds during FY 20 to pay for half of the membership dues for rural cities that want a SIMPCO membership in FY20.  Carried 5-0.  Copy filed.

Supervisor Radig reported on Department Head meeting for July 23, 2019.  Copy filed.

Supervisors Radig reported on Town Hall meetings.   Copy filed.

Supervisors Radig reported on Employee Appreciation Luncheon for September 10, 2019.  Copy filed.

The Board heard reports on committee meetings.

Citizen concerns.

Board concerns were heard.

The Board adjourned the regular meeting until July 23, 2019.

Meeting sign in sheet.  Copy filed.