Case Management Division

Targeted Case Management (for Title XIX eligible individuals) provides the opportunity to voice goals that are meaningful to persons and assist in finding resources to achieve goals.

Targeted Case Management encourages maximum participation from the consumer and others chosen by the consumer/legal guardian to participate on the Interdisciplinary Team for identification of individual goals.

The Case Management process begins with an application for services and gathering supporting documents to determine an individual's disability.

Once the individual is determined eligible for Case Management services, an Initial Assessment will be completed to determine an individual's abilities in all areas of work, home, and in the community. The Initial Assessment will also identify the individual's desires and aspirations in each area. Upon completion of the Initial Assessment, the development of the Individual Comprehensive Plan (ICP) is scheduled.

The Interdisciplinary Team is chosen by the individual/legal guardian and is comprised of family, friends, providers, etc. that may become or are playing a part in the individual's life. The ICP will reflect the individual's desires and aspirations and the plan to assist in obtaining these goals.

The Case Manager will remain in frequent contact with the individual to monitor and coordinate services for the individual and will make monthly contact with a team member to assess the individual's progress. The Case Manager may also make additional referrals for needed new services that will provide benefit to the individual.

Targeted Case Management services for the intellectually disabled and developmentally disabled are provided through the Woodbury County Social Services Coordinator's Office while Siouxland Mental Health Center provides the services for persons with chronic mental illness.