Law Enforcement Authority

Committees - Committee by Agreement


The Authority is incorporated by Woodbury County, Iowa and the City of Sioux City, Iowa for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, demolishing, improving, enlarging, equipping, furnishing, repairing, maintaining, and operating a public building, and to acquire and prepare the necessary site, including demolition of any structures, for the joint use of the county and city or any school district which is within or is a part of the county or city.

The Authority shall be directed and governed by a board of commissioners of three members, one to be elected by the board of supervisors of the county from the area outside of the county seat, one to be elected by the council of the city from the area inside the city, and one to be elected by the joint action of the board of supervisors of the county and the council of the city.


Ron Wieck, Dan Moore and Rocky De Witt

  • Supervisors Assigned: Rocky De Witt
  • Number of Members: 3
  • Meetings: When Scheduled.