July 28th, 2008

Minutes - Woodbury County Zoning Commission Meeting
July 28, 2008

The meeting convened on the 28th of July, 2008 at 6:02 PM in the Board of Supervisor meeting room in the Woodbury County Court House, downtown, Sioux City, Iowa. Present were the following Commission members – Chairman Grady Marx, Commissioners: Dwight Rorholm, David McWilliams, Arvin Nelson, and Christine Zellmer Zant: Staff members present were Director John Pylelo and Clerk Peggy Napier. Present from the public was Riley Simpson, the County’s consultant with Flat Earth Planning.

The first agenda item was approval of June 16, 2008 Commission Minutes.

Commissioner Rorholm made the motion to approve the June 16, 2008 minutes; the motion was seconded by Commissioner McWilliams; motion carried 4-0.

The next agenda item was consideration of Final Platting and Recommendation for Marx Development Addition Subdivision.

Vice Chair McWilliams acted as Chairman for this agenda item as Chairman Marx had a conflict of interest.

The Woodbury County Office of Planning and Zoning has received a subdivision application from Mr. Wallace and Mr. Robert Marx, managers of Marx Development, LLC. The stated intent is to subdivide an existing 18+ acre parcel into 4 lots for industrial development.

The parcel is located in the SE ¼ of the NE ¼, Section 01,West Liberty Township at the NE corner of the intersection of Andrew Avenue and 225th St. lying approximately 0.5 mile south of the Sioux Gateway Airport.

Andrew Avenue and 225th St. are county maintained graveled roadways. The parcels are zoned MH (Heavy Industrial), the current and intended uses are permitted and no portion of the subdivision lies within any floodplain.

At your meeting of May 19, 2008 your Commission held a public hearing and recommended preliminary plat approval subject to the following conditions.
Notes in italics reflect Zoning Office comments:

1. A Paving Agreement be executed and recorded: A copy of the Paving Agreement has not been received and meets Woodbury County’s Paving Policies.

2. The final plat shows the the ROW along Andrew Avenue; the final plat reflects this change or addition.

3. The final plat graphically shows building setbacks within each of the four lots; the final plat reflects this change or addition.

4. The final plat shows the distances on Lots 1 and 4 from existing structures to lot lines; the final plat does not reflect this change or addition. As the Commission wishes to confirm all the existing structures lay within construction setback envelopes you could forego the condition of providing the actual distance dimensions of structures from lot lines by showing the setback envelopes graphically on the final plat. Staff review indicates setback violations do not currently exist and reminds the Commission there are no side set backs required within this zoning district designation.

5. The final platting reflect a notation that both the 40’ wide ingress/egress easements in Lots 2 and 4 will never be dedicated county right of way; the final plat reflects this change or addition.

6. The final platting correction of the misspelling of the word “COMPANY” as shown above Lots 2/3. The final plat reflects this change or addition.

At their meeting of June 10, 2008 the Supervisors considered your recommendation on preliminary platting, considered the final platting and forwards to your Commission for recommendation.
You are asked to review the final platting and make recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

A motion was made by Commissioner Rorholm subject to recording the Paving Agreement; Commissioner Zellmer Zant seconded the motion; motion carried 3-0.

Vice Chair McWilliams signed the mylar in lieu of Chairman Marx.

The next agenda item was an update on the July 22, 2008 adoption of Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.

Mr. Simpson pointed out a list of corrections/clarifications made throughout the ordinances. They are listed in the notes and on the tape for this meeting.

Director Pylelo informed the Commissioners of a recent Board of Supervisor’s request for a Zoning Commission recommendation. The Supervisor’s wish to receive a recommendation related to implementation of a policy of notification to property owners in vicinity of concentrated animal facility operations (CAFO) applications. The Director advised the Commissioners this matter would appear as a future meeting agenda item.

Commissioner Zellmer Zant made a motion to adjourn; Commissioner Rorholm seconded the motion; motion carried 4-0.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM.