May 2, 2005


Minutes - Woodbury County Board of Adjustment Meeting

May 2, 2005

The meeting convened on the 2nd of May, 2005 at 7:10 PM in the Board of Supervisors Meeting Room in the Court House, Sioux City, Iowa.  Present were the following Board members – Willard B. McNaughton serving as Chairperson, Kenneth Gard, and Corey Meister; Christine Zellmer-Zant and Alan Vandehaar were absent; Zoning Staff:  John Pylelo and Peggy Napier. Paul Dunn and Barry and Cherrie Krayenhagen from the public were also in attendance. The Chairman informed those present the meeting was being audio taped.



The first agenda item was approval of the previous meeting’s minutes of April 4, 2005.

Minutes of the April 4, 2005 Board of Adjustment meeting were approved on motion by Mr. Meister; seconded by Mr. Gard; motion carried.

The next agenda item was consideration of a Variance request for Barry and Cherrie Krayenhagen:

Mr. and Mrs. Krayenhagen are the owners of Lot 2 of Dunn Estates Addition subdivision and wish to construct a single family residential dwelling upon the lot. They are requesting a rear yard setback variance on their North (rear) property line.

Lot 2 is also known as parcel #883458 and is located in the SW ¼, SE ¼, Section 6, Concord Township. Lot 2 is rectangular in shape with dimensions of 286’ by 360’ and 2.00 acres in area. The property is zoned AG (Agricultural) and located on the north side of 110th St. (D12).  The closest intersecting County roads are Benton Avenue and 110th St.

The applicants are requesting up to a 75’ rear yard setback variance for their single family dwelling down from the required 100’ rear setback to the requested 25’ rear setback.

The applicants state the variance is required as the front and rear setbacks for Lot 2 create a building zone which is negatively impacted by field drainage from the east. Lot 2 drains from east to west toward Lot 1 of this subdivision.  The applicants request the house be sited further north toward the rear property line than County ordinances allow. Moving the house to the north allows the home to be built at a higher elevation.

The three (3) adjacent property owners have been notified. Mr. Robert Cherkas of 1461 110th St. is not an adjacent property owner but was also notified of this hearing.  Mr. Cherkas has property lying to the east which is impacted by Lot 2 drainage as it leaves Lot 1 by a County installed cement conduit beneath Lot 1.

The property owners adjacent to the rear property line are Mrs. Krayenhagen’s parents, Paul and Carolyn Dunn, who have stated they have no concerns regarding approval of the variance. To date there have been no responses from the other adjacent property owners.

Mr. Gard advised Mr. and Mrs. Krayenhagen to consider space and setback provisions for any potential accessory structures when positioning their house.


Mr. Gard made a motion to approve the variance.  Mr. Meister seconded the motion; motion carried. Please note that in lieu of a third Board member, it was necessary for Mr. McNaughton to become the third voting Board member.

General Info:

Mr. McNaughton polled the Board members present for the June 8th ISU seminar at WITCC from 6 PM– 9 PM.  Willard Brian McNaughton, Corey Meister, and Ken Gard expect to attend the seminar.


Motion was made by Mr. Gard to adjorn; seconded by Mr. Meister. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned 7:28 PM.