Secondary Road Equipment Purchase

The Woodbury County Secondary Road Department accepted quotations for two pieces of major equipment for Fiscal Year 2014 purchase. The county awarded a quotation for a new Western Star tandem axle dump truck equipped with front mounted plow, side mounted snow wing, and sander for $145,555 after trading in an existing truck from Boyer Trucks in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Quotes for the new truck ranged from $145,555 to $179,800. The new truck will be assigned to the Hornick Maintenance District. The county has 8 tandem trucks, or two per district. Tandem trucks are kept in the fleet for 10-12 years before replacement.

The county also accepted quotations for a new motor grader. The county is purchasing a new John Deere 770G motor grader with snow wing for a net price with trade in of $197,427. The county will be trading in an older John Deere unit. The county has 21 motor graders used to grade and plow snow on 940 miles of gravel roads and 65 miles of dirt roads around the county. Motor graders are kept in the fleet for 10-12 years before being traded.