Woodbury County, Iowa – The Woodbury County board of Supervisors approved an agreement today with McClure Engineering Company of Clive, Iowa for master planning and preliminary engineering services to prepare a Capital Reinvestment Program and Master Plan along the Interstate 29 corridor in Woodbury County. The plan will encompass the area along I-29 from the city of Salix, north to Sioux City and Sergeant Bluff and from the Missouri River east to the Union Pacific railroad, east of I–29.

The “I-29 Corridor Reinvestment Program” will review the existing land use and infrastructure in place and build on the planning done to date by cities in the area and the County. Based on opportunities to grow the region’s tax base and create jobs for residents in the region, the plan will assess current land use and other infrastructure needs to support future growth. The plan will be focused on supporting existing business in the area and targeting other complementary commercial and industrial growth markets.  

Over the next six to eight months, McClure Engineering Company will create the plan that will provide Woodbury County officials the tools to attract and retain business and jobs to the area. The plan will be studying land use, roadways, water, sanitary sewer, storm water, electric, gas, and telecommunication services. A ten year capital investment program and financial model will be developed to link funding sources with investment needs.

To build on previous planning efforts, officials from the cities of Salix, Sergeant Bluff, and Sioux City along with officials from The Siouxland Initiative will be engaged in the planning process. Land owners and businesses in the area will also play a significant role in the planning process.

“We are very excited to continue to work with area officials, residents and businesses to develop and implement the I-29 Corridor Reinvestment Program,” stated George Boykin, chairman of the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors. “McClure Engineering Company has the knowledge and experience to help us formulate the master plan that will allow us to conceptualize thriving commercial and industrial development opportunities. The plan is covering one of the largest land areas for development of this type in the State of Iowa. “

Based on new tax revenues anticipated from new private sector investments already in progress, Woodbury County Officials will develop options for allowing a portion of the new tax revenues to be used for property tax relief to help our area remain competitive in the tri-state region. County officials will also develop a tax increment financing (TIF) policy that will outline the County’s intent on the use of TIF funds. This will be used in discussions with schools and other entities that share in property tax revenues.

For more information on the I-29 Corridor Reinvestment Program, call David Gleiser, Director of Rural Economic Development, at: (712) 279-6609.