Zoning Commission Minutes

April 10th, 2006

Minutes - Woodbury County Zoning Commission Meeting
April 10, 2007

The meeting convened on the 10th of April, 2007 at 11:30 AM in the conference room 610 on the 6th floor of the Woodbury County Court House in downtown Sioux City, Iowa. Present were the following Commission members – Chairman Grady Marx, Dwight Rorholm, David McWilliams and Arvin Nelson; absent Christine Zellmer Zant. Zoning Staff Present: John Pylelo, Zoning Administrator. Present from the public was Riley Simpson, the County’s consultant with Flat Earth Planning.

The Commission assembled at 11:00 AM for a short luncheon prior to the opening of the meeting. No zoning commission business was discussed during the luncheon. At 11:30 AM Chairman Marx called the meeting to order.

The first agenda was approval of March 26, 2007 Commission Minutes.

Mr. McWilliams made a motion to approve the March 26, 2007 minutes; Mr. Rorholm asked the spelling of the word “Count” on page three (3) be corrected to “County”; Mr. McWilliams amended his motion to include the change; seconded by Mr. Rorholm ; approved.

The next agenda item shall be any Citizen wishing to be heard before the

No citizens came forward to address the Commission

The next agenda item is a work session regarding the drafting of zoning and subdivision ordinances along with zoning district mapping for Woodbury County as it relates to the County’s 2005 General Development Plan.

Mr. Riley Simpson facilitated discussion regarding this agenda item. Mr. Simpson distributed the updated narrative of zoning ordinances, land use summary tables and zoning district dimensional standards dated April 9, 2007. The April 9, 2007 draft versions were represented to contain all changes requested by the Commission through their March 26, 2007 meeting.

After the Commissioners reviewed the documents they asked all pages reflect the April 9, 2007 date and Section 3.04 referring to the zoning district dimensional standards have the AG (Agricultural) zoning district reference changed to AP (Agricultural Preservation). When those changes are made Mr. Pylelo informed the Commission he would forward the April 9, 2007 draft versions electronically to all Commissioners with email addresses. Mr. Pylelo also advised he would like to place the draft versions upon the Planning and Zoning Office’s departmental website. The Commissioners agreed doing so would allow additional citizen review.

Mr. Simpson advised the Commission all parcels in the 24 townships has been reviewed using the Commissioner’s established criteria and all parcels had been assigned a proposed new zoning designation. The Commission began the discussion of the format of proposed zoning district mapping and how it would be best provided to the Commission members and Woodbury County citizens in general. Discussion included enlarged mapping by township (possibly up to 24” by 36”in size) be provided each Commissioner and be brought to all town hall meetings and public hearings. It was suggested that smaller mapping be reproduced for distribution at all town hall meetings and public hearings. Mr. Pylelo informed the Commission his intent was to have the mapping accessible upon the Planning and Zoning departmental website. Providing upon the website would be at a time where only significantly minor changes are anticipated to be made to the mapping.

Mr. Simpson then informed the Commissioners he would like to begin discussion of proposed general zoning regulations. Mr. Simpson distributed a copy of the current general regulations known as Section 7. GENERAL REGULATIONS (from the Red Book) and former general regulations known as Article 3 GENERAL REGULATIONS drafted under JEO consultation which were effective July 2003 and rescinded in February of 2004.

The Commission then reviewed the current general regulation adding and deleting during the review with Mr. Simpson making note of changes. During the general regulation review several questions came up on how to best draft language. The Commission agreed to allow Mr. Simpson and Mr. Pylelo to further draft proposed general regulations and provide sample language to the Commissioners for the Commission’s additional review and approval.

Mr. Pylelo asked if the Commission wished to continue prohibiting more than one primary structure i.e. dwelling per parcel. Chairman Marx stated yes except for those occupied structures on farm homesteads used by farm tenants or immediate family members; also known as the “grandpa house.”

Commissioner Rorholm asked whether the policies used by the Planning and Zoning Office to enforce the ordinances were in written form and if they were approved or adopted. Mr. Pylelo informed the Commission an administrative manual of office procedures does exist and it appears the manual has evolved over time since adoption of ordinances in the early 1970’s. Mr. Pylelo informed those present he presumed the manual reflects the cumulative results of supervisor, zoning commission and board of adjustment member comment, directive or ordinance amendment over the past 35 plus years. It was determined that review of the policies may be in order to assure they do the best job of enforcing the newly proposed ordinances and possibly the policies, in their entirety, be formally accepted as policy by the Board of Supervisors.

The Commission then began an extensive discussion on subdivision issues including paving agreements and interior roadway construction standards. Mr. Simpson advised he was continuing to await the County Engineer’s evaluation on whether County engineering standards should be changed for interior roadway hard surfacing within subdivisions. It was stated the County engineer was considering adopting statewide urban design and specifications (SUDAS). The Commission asked Mr. Pylelo to contact the County Engineer and ask for a copy of the County’s paving policies, dust control policies and determination of proposed changes in roadway standards. Mr. Pylelo agreed to make the request.

The Commissioners adjourned for short break beginning at 12:45 PM. Commissioner Marx reconvened the meeting at 12: 53 PM.

Extensive discussion then continued with review of proposed general regulations. Mr. Simpson took the Commissioners through the current language and considerable focus was given to setbacks, conforming use, etc. Commissioners addressed the problem of changing accessory structure setbacks without making a considerable number of existing accessory structures non-conforming and this prohibiting their being enlarged. It was once again decided to allow Mr. Simpson and Mr. Pylelo to draft proposed language and report back to the Commission.

Mr. Rorholm made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Mr. McWilliams; approved.

Meeting adjourned at 2:06 PM