Zoning Commission Minutes

April 23rd, 2007

Minutes - Woodbury County Zoning Commission Meeting
April 23, 2007

The meeting convened on the 23rd of April, 2007 at 6:00 PM in the Board of Supervisor meeting room in the lobby of the Woodbury County Court House in downtown Sioux City, Iowa. Present were the following Commission members – Chairman Grady Marx, David McWilliams, and Christine Zellmer Zant; absent Dwight Rorholm. Arvin Nelson arrived at 6:14 PM. Zoning Staff Present: John Pylelo, Zoning Administrator and Peggy Napier. Present from the public was Riley Simpson, the County’s consultant with Flat Earth Planning, Don Klingensmith and Jack Burright.

The first agenda was approval of April 10, 2007 Commission Minutes.

Mr. McWilliams made a motion to approve the April 10, 2007 minutes; Chairman Marx seconded, Ms. Zellmer Zant abstained. Chairman Marx tabled the vote for lack of a quorum.

The next agenda item was Consideration of the Final Plats for Ty Estates Addition Subdivision – Parcel GIS # 8847 29 102 004.

The Woodbury County Office of Planning and Zoning has received a Subdivision application from property owners Leary and Joyce Smith. The applicants intend to subdivide the current 10.85 acre parcel into two (2) lots for existing and future residential development for a family member. No grading is planned other than residential building site excavation.

On March 20, 2007 the Board of Supervisors considered the final plats and forwards the platting to your Commission for recommendation.

The parcel is located in the N ½ of the NW ¼ of Section 29, Woodbury Township abutting the south side of county maintained graveled roadway. The location lies just SW of the intersection of South Ridge Road and Old Lakeport Road. Proposed Lot 1 will include the single family dwelling in which the applicants reside along with multiple accessory structures and will be addressed 4703 South Ridge Road. Proposed Lot 2 currently has no structures. The property is zoned AG (Agricultural), the current and intended uses are permitted and no portion of the subdivision lies within any floodplain. The average crop suitability rating for the parcel is 37.0.

No additional agency or citizen input has been received since the public hearing on this matter.
The final plat reflects the single change your Commission recommended by now showing access, egress and utility easements from County roadway right of way to Outlot A. The applicant has elected to provide that access by easement thru Lot 2. (County Engineer, Mr. Richard Storm, stated he was comfortable with the location of the driveway.) Accordingly you should consider as a condition of approval the recording of permanent easement. Also required will be a paving agreement for all lots and outlots. Under County policies this subdivision will also require a recorded paving agreement. The applicant’s legal counsel has been provided sample language. (The paving agreement has been prepared and awaits the developer’s signature).
This subdivision is within an unincorporated area near the City of Sergeant Bluff. The Sergeant Bluff City Council has determined they wish their Council’s review and approval. The City Clerk of Sergeant Bluff has been contacted advising their City of the status of this matter. (Lane Danielzuk, a Sergeant Bluff City Council member, has called to state Sergeant Bluff’s approval of the Ty Estates Addition Subdivision.)

Ms. Zellmer Zant raised questions regarding drivers exceeding the speed limit on South Ridge Road. The speed limit is currently 50 mph. A discussion ensued resulting in Mr. Pylelo agreeing to inquire as to who is the appropriate person to approach regarding lowering the speed limit in that area.
Questions were also raised regarding visibility and traffic issues when building commences on lot 2.

Mr. Nelson made a motion to recommend approval of final plat. The Paving Agreement has been recorded; Mr. McWilliams seconded; approved 4-0.

The next agenda item shall be any Citizen wishing to be heard before the

Mr. Jack Burright asked the Commission update the Planning and Zoning Webpage. He was assured the Zoning Commission meeting agendas and minutes are current and an effort would be made to provide updated drafts of regulations, ordinances and mapping. The office of Planning and Zoning is also attempting to increase the areas of the web page it has control over. Mr. Burright and Mr. Klingensmith were provided a number of hard copies of the draft current as of April 9, 2007 to read and share.

The next agenda was approval of April 10, 2007 Commission Minutes.

Mr. McWilliams made a motion to approve the April 10, 2007 minutes; Chairman Nelson seconded, Ms. Zellmer Zant abstained; approved 3-0; carried.

The next agenda item is a work session regarding the drafting of zoning and subdivision ordinances along with zoning district mapping for Woodbury County as it relates to the County’s 2005 General Development Plan.

Mr. Riley Simpson apologized to the Commission for not having maps ready due to computer failure.

Mr. Pylelo told the Commission he is still working on the Hwy 20 corridor. Situations involving properties with 2 different zonings (i.e. part commercial and part agricultural) that are no longer being used as one of the zonings are the most difficult ones to deal with. Most people living on these parcels either don’t know their land is zoned that way or don’t care. There is no estimate of how long it will take to finish these parcels.

Chairman Marx suggested the commission discuss some of the issues pertaining to interior roads in subdivision before meeting with Richard Storm, County Engineer, at the next Zoning Commission meeting. One of the issues is standards of interior roads. Pylelo stated it is hard to use a standard making them last 20 years without being cost prohibitive at the same time. It was suggested it might be possible to approve sub-standard roads as long as they empty onto a paved road rather than a gravel road.

Mr. Simpson and Mr. Pylelo wanted to discuss future town hall meetings. It was decided they would happen either late June but preferably July 9 through 18.

Ms. Zellmer Zant made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Mr. McWilliams; approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM

Next meeting – Tuesday, May 8, 2007 – 6:00 PM with County Engineer Richard Storm