Woodbury Co. Auditor

2010 Completed Projects

From: Mark Nahra, County Engineer

Date: January 27, 2011

2010 Construction Projects:

ESFM-CO97(107)—5S-97 HMA resurfacing of Correctionville Road in Urban Planning Limits of Sioux City – (Stimulus Project through the MPO) Contractor: Knife River. Project is complete.

ESFM-CO97(108)—5S-97 HMA resurfacing of County Route L-37 north from Danbury. (Stimulus Project through RPA) Contractor: Knife River. Project is complete.

BRS-CO97(92) Bridge replacement on D-54 East of Ida Ave. Contractor: Christensen Construction. The road opened to traffic on June 4th. All work was completed by June 15th.

BROS-CO97(106)—8J-97  RCB Culvert on Minnesota Ave east of Oto. The project was let at the IDOT in Ames on May 18.    Contractor: Dixon Construction.   The project was completed August 13, 2010 and reopened to traffic.

BROS-CO97(94)—8J-97   Bridge replacement located on County home Road 1 mile east of Old 141.  Contractor: Dixon Construction.  The road was opened to traffic on November 1, 2010. The project is complete.

BRS-CO97(101)—60-97   Bridge replacement located on D-38, ¾ of a mile west of the land fill.  The bridge was open to traffic on November 24, 2010 . The contractor has erosion control items to be completed in April of 2011.

L-W09(1)—73-9  Stream stabilization structure located on 120thStreet North of Moville. Contractor: L.A. Carlson of Merrill, Iowa. This Project is complete. This project was funded by the NRCS and Hungry Canyons.

L-EWP06(1)—73-9  Stream stabilization structure located in Section 23-88-46 has been completed. The contractor was L.A. Carlson of Merrill Iowa. This project was funded by Hungry Canyons.

L-R08(1)—73-97, HMA Resurfacing of 230th Street and Story Avenue.   This project is complete. the contractor was Western Engineering of Harlan Iowa.  This project was funded by I-JOBS.

Thank you,
Woodbury County Engineers