Sheriff's Office Civilian Jailer


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Sioux City


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ENTRY SALARY:  $23.33/hour (Position subject to Shift Assignments)   (Plus Benefits)                                   

Responsible, as a Civilian Correctional Officer, for the safekeeping and welfare of all prisoners in the Woodbury County Jail Facility, including the cleanliness and maintenance of the jail, jail security and complaints, transportation of prisoners or other persons in the care and custody of the County Sheriff's Department, the performance of all related paperwork, and assisting in radio communication and dispatcher responsibilities as necessary under the direct authority of the County Sheriff, Major, Lieutenant or the Jail Commander.

Essential Functions

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
The following duties are typical for this position.  These are not to be construed as exclusive or all inclusive.  
Other duties may be required and assigned.

  • Responsible for the care and safekeeping of all prisoners in the custody of the County; including booking, release, safekeeping of belongings, security, and maintenance of control and order.
  • Maintain records within scope of assigned responsibility.
  • Assist in the care and maintenance of the jail and coordinate the work assignment of trustees to carry out cleaning and maintenance responsibilities, while maintaining proper security requirements at all times.
  • Assist with transportation of prisoners or other persons in the care and custody of the County Sheriff's Department
  • Performance of all related paper work
  • Responsibility for the jail security and complaints
  • Performs other duties related to the scope of responsibility as assigned by, County Sheriff/ Major/ Lieutenant
  • Attendance is required

Essential Knowledge, Experience, and Ability

  • Must be a United States citizen.
  • Must be at least 19 years of age.
  • Must be a high school graduate or possess a GED Certificate/Equivalency.
  • Prefer a minimum of 60 hours of post-secondary education or four consecutive years of military service or five years of experience working in the law enforcement field.
  • Ability to read and write the English language, communicate by means of the spoken word in clearly spoken English.
  • Be of good moral character as determined by a thorough background investigation including a fingerprint search conducted of local, state, and national fingerprint files with no felony convictions.
  • Must successfully pass physical, vision, psychological testing and drug screening prior to employment, is not, by reason of conscience or belief opposed to use of force when appropriate or necessary to fulfill duties
  • Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license
  • Knowledge of law enforcement
  • Knowledge of civil and criminal laws relating to scope of responsibility
  • Knowledge of rules of evidence
  • Knowledge of first-aid and emergency principle.
  • Ability to tactfully and effectively communicate with others
  • Knowledge of human relations; basic knowledge of psychological principles
  • Personal maturity to maintain emotional stability in unusual situations of stress or social interaction pressure
  • Physical ability to lift 50-85 pounds
  • Bilingual skills beneficial

A County application form and a resume are required.

DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT FOR APPLICATIONS SHALL BE:   4:30 p.m., Thursday, February 16, 2023 or Until Positions filled.  Woodbury County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the County will consider reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages prospective employees and incumbents to discuss potential accommodations with the Employer.    

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