In 1984, the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team originated under the direction of then-Sheriff Russ White Jr. It started as a collaborative effort with the Sioux City Police Department. A few years later, the Sheriff's Office formed its own team.

Since 1984, the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team has provided a ready response to situations that were beyond the capabilities of normally equipped and trained deputies working patrol. Since its inception, SWAT members have arrested numerous violent suspects, and served scores of high-risk arrest and search warrants.

In 1998, the Sheriff's Office started a Jail RISC (Resistant Inmate Secure and Control) Team to handle incidents beyond the scope and training of correctional officers. The team is made up of qualified correctional officers and trains monthly with the SWAT Team. The RISC Team also assists the SWAT Team by taking control of prisoners the SWAT Team encounters.

SWAT/RISC responds at the request of the Incident Commander to situations such as, but not limited to, barricaded/hostage episodes, suicide intervention, as well as initiates service of high-risk warrants for all Sheriff's entities. SWAT serves local, state, and federal jurisdictions in the Tri-State area and has assisted the Sioux City Police Department SWAT Team, the Tri-State Drug Task Force, as well as other agencies.

Today, the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office SWAT/RISC is currently staffed by fifteen members that are ready to respond to any emergency in the area at a moment's notice.

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