Agenda - 4/27/2010

A G E N D A*



Tuesday, APRIL 27, 2010




9:00 a.m.         1.  Approval of Claims and Informational Discussion of Agenda Items Listed



                              ITEMS OF BUSINESS


 10:00 a.m.        2.  Call Meeting to Order, Approval of Minutes of the April 20, 2010, Meeting


 10:01 a.m.        3.  Board Administration – Karen James

 Approval of Resolution Approving Petition for Suspension of Taxes Through the Redemption Process for W.Z.
Approval of Lifting Tax Suspension for M.H.

10:02 a.m.       4.  County Auditor – Patrick Gill

                             Re:  Approval of a Cigarette/Tobacco Sales Permit for Shop-N-Go


 10:03 a.m.       5.  Building Services – Mark Elgert

 Discussion and Action on Repair of Exterior Wall at Prairie Hill
 Discussion and Action on Tuck Pointing at Prairie Hill
 Discussion and Action on Prairie Hill Elevator

10:15 a.m.       6.  Secondary Roads – Mark Nahra

                  a.  Consideration Approval Of Contract For Corrugated Metal Pipe Culvert Supply For  


                  b.  Consideration Of Approval Of Permit For Underground Utilities Within The Right Of  

                        Way For Long Lines Communications


10:20 a.m.       7.  Siouxland District Health Department

                             Re:  Approval of FY 10 Local Public Health Services Contract Amendment


10:25 a.m.       8.  Closed Session {Iowa Code 21.5 (1) (c)}


10:30 a.m.       9.  Hearing of any Individual/Group to Make a Presentation of Item(s) Not On the Agenda  

                             and Supervisors’ Concerns







Subject to Additions/Deletions









A G E N D A*   (Tentative)                                                                                 




tuesday, APRIL 27, 2010





MON., APRIL 26                   7:00 p.m.  Zoning Commission Meeting, Board of Supervisors’ Chambers

                                               7:30 p.m.  Fair Board Meeting, Woodbury County Fair Office, Fairgrounds, Moville, Iowa

 TUES., APRIL 27                   2:00 p.m.   Decat Board Meeting, Western Hills AEA, Room F   

MON., MAY 3                      7:00 p.m.    Board of Adjustment meeting, Board of Supervisors’ Chambers              

 TUES., MAY 4                       4:00 p.m.  Veteran Affairs Meeting, Veteran Affairs Office, Room 702,                                                                                                               Courthouse

 WED., MAY 5                     12:00 noon  District Board of Health Meeting, 1014 Nebraska St.

 THUR., MAY 6                       5:00 p.m.  Conservation Board Meeting, Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, Stone Park 

 TUESDAY,  MAY 11            10:00 a.m.  Senior Center Board of Directors Meeting, 313 Cook Street

 WED., MAY 12                      7:30 a.m.   Woodbury County Information CommunicationCommission, Board of Supervisors’ Chambers 

                                                6:30 p.m.  Woodbury County Solid Waste Agency (Sanitary Landfill) Executive Committee Meeting, Public Safety 

                                                                 Center, Climbing Hill 

                                                7:30 p.m.  911 Service  Board Meeting, Public Safety Center,  Climbing Hill 

                                               8:00 p.m.  County’s Mayor Association Meeting, Public Safety Center, Climbing Hill  

THUR., MAY 13                     7:00 p.m.   Siouxland Mental Health Center, Board Meeting, 625 Court Street  

                                               12:00 p.m.  SIMPCO Board of Directors, 1122 Pierce St, Sioux City, Iowa

 TUES., MAY 18                        4:30 p.m.  Community Action Agency of Siouxland  Board Meeting, 2700 Leech Avenue                                       

WED., MAY 19                      12:00 noon  Siouxland Economic Development Corporation Meeting, Marina Inn 

THUR., MAY 20                      11:00 a.m.  Siouxland Regional Transit Systems (SRTS) Board Meeting, SIMPCO Office, 1122 Pierce St., Sioux City, Iowa

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