Minutes - 4/7/2023


The Special Legislative Roundtable with Supervisors met on Friday, April 7, 2023, at 3:30 p.m.  Board members present were Bittinger II, Nelson, Taylor, Ung, and Radig.  Staff members present were Dennis Butler, Budget and Finance Director, Mark Nahra, County Engineer, and Michelle Skaff, Deputy Auditor/Clerk to the Board.

The special meeting was called to order.

Introductions were made.

Woodbury County Board of Supervisors
    Matthew Ung
    Jeremy Taylor
    Ketih Radig    
Dan Bittinger II    
Mark Nelson
Plymouth County Board of Supervisors        
    Craig Anderson
    Don Kass
Monona County Board of Supervisors
    Vince Phillips
    Bo Fox
Iowa House
    Tom Jeneary – District 3
    Jacob Bossman – District 14
    Bob Henderson – District 2
    J.D. Scholten – District 1
Iowa Senate
    Kevin Alons – District 7    
County Supervisors led dialogue on the following:

    Property Tax Rates: sustainability, potential freezes, long term budgeting. Copy filed.
    Infrastructure Bonds: referendums for repair, thresholds, historic preservation
    Voter Options: district plans, voter choices, appointments & special elections
    Workforce Development Boards:  What is the intent from state departments?
    Pipeline Projects: eminent domain, legislative assistance, local ordinances
State Legislators led dialog regarding bill updates.
The meeting adjourned.

Meeting sign in sheet.  Copy filed.

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