911 Service Board

Committees - Committees by Iowa Code


The duties of the Board are to plan, implement, manage, administer and maintain an enhanced 911 telephone system and shall provide for oversight of the collection and disbursement of all monies granted, collected or appropriated for those purposes. The Board will also set forth and define the standards, policies and rules of operations of the 911 Service System with all being within the confines of the laws of the State of Iowa.


Jim Kelsheimer, Deron Schmidt, David Amick, Woodbury County Disaster Services, Nathan Heilman, Gary Merkel, Thomas McBride, Joe Collins, Scott Mitchell, Rick Bohle, Rick Schorg, Jim Fisher, Kevin Rayevich, Max Dunnington, Linda Hubert Cox, Dirk Jon Winkel, Bob Scott, Dennis Butler, Dave Drew, Rocky De Witt, Jeff Redmond, Elizabeth Peterson, Jamie DeWitt

  • Supervisors Assigned: Rocky De Witt
  • Established: Monday, 12 December 1988
  • Number of Members: 23
  • Meetings: Second Wednesday every other month at 6:30pm.


Each political subdivision of the state, having a public safety agency serving territory within the county, is entitled to one voting membership


Public Safety Center, Climbing Hill
Climbing Hill, IA, United States