Zoning Commission

The Zoning office is responsible for the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Ordinance is the tool utilized to implement the County's Comprehensive Plan. The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to provide a program for the orderly and efficient growth and development of Woodbury County. The Plan is concerned with the effective use of land, structures and open space, both public and private, to make Woodbury County a desirable place in which to live and work.


  • Members: 5 · Five Years
  • Membership: Members of the Zoning Commission must reside outside of the city limits in the unincorporated area.


Meetings are generally held at the Board of Supervisors First Floor Meeting Room -OR- Basement Meeting Room - See Agenda For Specific Location - at 620 Douglas St., Sioux City, IA 51101 Meet fourth Monday of each month..

2024 Meetings

June 24, 2024 · 5:00pm
May 29, 2024 · 5:00pm
Special Meeting
April 22, 2024 · 5:00pm
March 25, 2024 · 5:00pm
February 26, 2024 · 5:00pm
January 22, 2024 · 5:00pm
January 17, 2024 · 5:00pm
Special Meeting Work Session to Consider Utility-Scale Solar Energy System Zoning Ordinance Amendments

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Thomas Bride
Jeffrey Hanson
Corey Meister
Barb Parker
Christine Zellmer-Zant
Keith Radig, Board Liaison
Dan Bittinger, Board Liaison


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