Loess Hills Alliance

Committees - Chapter 28E


The Loess Hills Alliance strives to protect special natural and cultural resources while ensuring the economic viability and private property rights of the region through the creation of a common vision for Iowa’s Loess Hills.

Iowa Code 161D established the Loess Hills Alliance on March 15, 1999 as a part of the Loess Hills Development and Conservation Authority.


Nick Beeck, John Meis, Mark Loutsch, Patty McCall, Brady Hanson, Alan Dale, Lynn Grobe, Mark Shoemaker, Cindy Thompson, Terry Lewis, Robert Benton, Cara Marker-Morgan, Dawn Snyder, Rocky De Witt, Alternate: Marty Pottebaum,  Rich Pope, Tim Sproul, Walter Utman, Linda Herman, Lonnie Mayberry, Gary Liebsch, Jerad Getter

  • Supervisors Assigned: Marty Pottebaum, Alternate: Rocky De Witt
  • Established: Monday, 15 March 1999
  • Number of Members: 21
  • Meetings: First Wednesday in February, March, May, June, August, September, November, December


Pisgah, Iowa
Pisgah, Iowa, United States