Our Services

EMS Operations

Respond to Medical Emergencies with EMS Agencies

  • Provide Advanced Life Support (ALS)
  • Provide Basic Life Support (BLS)

Fire Operations

Grass Fires

  • Provide additional pumper trucks & man power
  • Additional Water Supply

Provide a Resupply of Breathing Air for all Area Departments (Unit 208)

  • During All Structure Fires
  • For Incidents that involve Hazardous Materials
  • During Hands on Trainings for both Fire and Hazardous Materials
  • Provide Flood Lights on Scene
  • Run the Portable Generator

Assist with Seasonal Emergencies

  • Flooding, Blizzards, Ice Storms, Tornados & Extreme Heat
  • Assist with EMS & Fire Responses with Search & Rescue
  • Clearing roadways of debris or snow
  • Welfare Checks of Stranded Motorist & Shut Ins
  • Providing back up power during emergency’s
  • Sandbagging Operations
  • Evacuations
  • Assist with Incident Command Operations, for multiple roles as needed

Incidents Involving Crashes & Accidents

  • Private Vehicles-Trucks, Cars, ATVs  
  • Aircraft
  • Farm Equipment
  • Tractor Trailer

Assist with Water Rescue Incidents

  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Ice Water Rescue
  • Assist with EMS & Fire Responses and other agencies with Search & Rescue
  • Recovery

Animal Rescue

  • Provide Equipment & Trailers for both Large & Small Animal Rescue
  • For Events During Inclement Weather
  • Following Traffic Incidents  
  • Hoarding Cases

Hazardous Materials

  • Assist with Mass Decontamination Operations
  • Special Circumstances of Human Remains Recovery and/or Removal

Other Equipment Emergencies

  • Assist with Equipment Emergencies on Farms, Residential or Commercial
  • Where Rescue Tools are Needed examples; Jaws of Life, chainsaws, bolt cutters 

Assisting Grain Storage Rescues

Additional Emergency’s

  • Air Testing for CO and other chemicals
  • Assist Agencies with Emergencies using the Thermal Imaging Equipment
  • Respond to both Residential & Commercial Fire Alarms
  • Assist Law Enforcement when Requested
  • Traffic Control
  • Instruct with Fire Training CPR, Extrication and Communications

Assist with Diving Operations & Landing Zones

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