June 12th, 2006

Minutes – Special Meeting of Woodbury County Zoning Commission
June 12, 2006

The meeting convened on June 12, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the Board of Supervisor’s meeting room in the court house, Sioux City, Iowa. Present were the following Commission members: Don Groves, Dwight Rorholm, Arvin Nelson, and Grady Marx; Christine Zellmer Zant was absent. Zoning Staff Present: Mr. Pylelo and Peggy Napier. From the public Gene and Linda Kollbaum were present. The Chairman informed those present the meeting was being audio taped.

The first agenda item was approval of the available minutes.
No minutes were available for tonight’s meeting.

The second agenda item was the Consideration of the Final Plats and Recommendation to the Board of Supervisors for Kollbaum’s Replat of part of Lot 4 of Neville’s County Estates – Parcel; GIS 8846 32 300 004

This item was originally scheduled for the meeting of May 22, 2006 which was not held due to a lack of a quorum. The Woodbury County Office of Planning and Zoning received a Subdivision application from Eugene L. Kollbaum. Mr. Kollbaum intends to re-subdivide a 20 acre portion of Lot 4 of Neville’s Country Estates into 2 lots for the purpose of additional residential development.

Lot 4 of Neville’s Country Estates was part of a five lot addition subdivided by Mr. George F. Kamm in April 1981. In June of 1981 the current then owner of Lot 4, June Widman, applied for a re-subdivision of Lot 4. Mr. Kollbaum as the current owner now wishes to further re-subdivide Lot 4.

The property is located approximately 1 mile southwest of Bronson in the SW ¼, Section 32, Floyd Township abutting the east side of County Road D-25 (former old state highway 141). The property is zoned AG (Agricultural) and not within any floodplain. The intended use is permitted within this Zoning District. The weighted average crop suitability rating for the property is 33.0. County Road D-25 is paved thus no paving agreement will be required.

At your meeting of April 24, 2006 you considered the preliminary plats and forwarded your recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for approval of the preliminary plats without a condition. At their meeting of May 9, 2006 the Board of Supervisors approved the preliminary plats without condition and considered the final plats and are returning the final plat to your Commission for recommendation.

That was the close of Mr. Pylelo’s comments.

Chairman Groves asked Mr. Kollbaum if there have been any changes or additions that might have transpired since their last meeting with him.

Mr. Kollbaum said there had not been any changes or additions.

Chairman Groves asked if any of the Commissioners had any questions or comments for Mr. Kollbaum. He said Mr. Kollbaum will take lot #1 and his son will take lot #2.

Mr. Marx made a motion to accept with no changes or conditions; Mr. Rorholm seconded the motion; motion carried.

Mr. Pylelo said he had already discussed with Mr. Kollbaum that the final plat recommendation for the Board of Supervisors was on their agenda for the next morning. He could come to the meeting if he wanted to but it was not necessary. He gave him instructions for what the next step would be after Mr. Pylelo received the mylar from Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

Mr. Pylelo had a couple of I housekeeping things he wanted to clear up while they were there. He didn’t want to get into anything too heavy about where we are at with the ordinances with Mr. Simpson and Ms. Zellmer Zant not being there other than to say we are not ready yet. Pylelo thought it wasn’t the right time to be setting things up for the town hall meetings until the commission knew for certain when they would be ready. There are still too many loose ends.

Mr. Marx had some things to say about the number of people interested in horses who were at the Tyson Event Center for a function and what that might say about the people interested in horses in the county. He considered this to be an avenue not to be ignored but to be prepared for in the rural areas.

Mr. Pylelo wanted to be sure the commission was utilizing all the time they had and accomplishing as much as they could. If anyone had vacations he wanted them to be sure to report when they would be gone so they could arrange for quorums as often as possible. He announced he would be gone as of July 10.

Mr. Marx suggested some kind of feedback from a representation of the public of what the commission had worked on. Mr. Pylelo suggested, after finishing the work, putting it on the website and having a well rounded focus group report their opinions or complete a questionnaire the commission or Mr. Simpson composes.

Mr. Rorholm made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Mr. Nelson; motion carried.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 PM