Gravel Road Improvement

posted on 11/22/23
posted by Secondary Roads

Gravel hauling is complete for 2023 from the county's gravel road improvement program. The gravel is paid for with Tax Increment Finance bonds. 750 miles of county roads are targeted for improvement with up to 2000 tons of gravel per mile being added to the roads.  Selected roads either had one or more residences per mile, had a feedlot or confined animal feeding operation, had traffic in excess of 50 vehicles per day, and/or were designated farm to market roads. Up to 2000 tons of gravel per mile will be placed on these roads to rebuild the gravel base.

As of this report, the county has hauled 208,000 tons of gravel applied to 295 miles of county roads.    The gravel hauled for the past year and a half  is the first round for each road and represents about 50-60% of the new material which will be hauled to each road within the program.     Hauling for 2023 is done for the year as we begin to prepare roads and equipment for winter weather.

The map below shows the roads that have received the first application of additional gravel:

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