Valuation Appeal

 As a property owner, you have rights.  

If you would like to discuss your 2021 Assessed valuation, please call and speak with an appraiser.  If unavailable, the appraiser will call you back at their earliest convenience.  Based on the information provided, the appraiser can change your value up until April 25th.

The normal appeal period is from April 2nd to April 30th.  If after speaking to an appraiser you need to file an appeal form, please download the form "Petition to Local Board of Revew" and return it to our office.  This is not a pre-populated form. It must be back to us on or before April 30 OR postmarked April 30. Instructions for filing your petition may also be helpful to you and is located in the Valuation Appeal Form tab.  

To assist in the process, the Sioux City Assessor has put into action an appeal program that is located on our website. Property owners will have to search for their property first before an appeal can be started (this is a pre-populated form).  Here is a link to the search page:


IF AFTER you have appealled to the local Sioux City Board of Review & you wish to go to the next step, click on this link to take you to the PAAB site or file with District Court.

For more information on the PAAB or Property Assessment Appeal Board please visit their website at :