Hungry Canyons

Committees - Chapter 28E


The Hungry Canyons Alliance (HCA) was formed locally to research and implement solutions to the problem of stream channel erosion and degradation in a 23 county area of the deep loess soils region of western Iowa. Channelization of streams and land use changes during the first half of the 1900’s caused stream channels to erode, causing an estimated $1.1 billion in damages to public and private infrastructure (bridges, culverts, utility lines, etc.), loss of farmland, and increased sediment loads. A survey of western Iowa bridges in 2000 revealed that 404 were endangered due to stream channel degradation. Golden Hills RC&D in Oakland, Iowa helped to form and currently provides office space and administrative assistance to the Hungry Canyons Alliance.


Mark Nahra and Ben Kusler serve on the HCA Scoring Committee.  Rocky De Witt  serves on the HCA Board of Directors.

  • Supervisors Assigned: Rocky De Witt
  • Established: Wednesday, 01 January 1992
  • Number of Members: 3
  • Meetings: Quarterly meetings and tours on a rotational basis amongst the HCA's 19 member counties