Loess Hills Scenic Byway

Committees - Chapter 28E


The Loess Hills National Scenic Byway began in 1989 as a grassroots effort by dedicated citizens in cooperation with Golden Hills Resource Conservation and Development and the Western Iowa Tourism Region. The Byway became an Iowa Scenic Byway on July 8, 1998 and on June 15, 2000 received the National Scenic Byway designation.


Colleen Wilbur, Kathy Dirks, Marty Pottebaum, Patsy Hume, Doug Kuhlmann, Kevin Mayberry, Kathy Gourley, Shirley Phillips

  • Supervisors Assigned: Marty Pottebaum
  • Established: Sunday, 01 January 1989
  • Number of Members: 11


The Byway is governed by a board comprised of representatives from the seven Byway counties, State Historical Society, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Golden Hills RC&D, Western Iowa Tourism Region, and an at-large member.