Regional Workforce Investment Board

The Regional Workforce Investment Boards were also created by the legislation to give communities direct input and decision making ability to address local workforce-related priorities. The boards work closely with Iowa Workforce Development and the Iowa Workforce Development Board to create a system to help Iowans respond to the rapid changes occurring in today's workplace.

The boards's responsibilities include identifying local workforce development needs, assisting in the award of local service provider contracts and monitoring their performance and providing an annual report and recommendations to the Iowa Workforce Development Board.

  • Established: May 1, 1996
  • Members: 19
  • Membership: Each board consists of a total of 14 members including representatives from the following groups: five-business, five-labor, one-city official, one-county elected official, one-school district representative and one-community college representative.


Neal Adler
Craig Anderson
Cathie Bishop
Rom Brouillette
Pete Groetken
John Hamm
Janet Hansen
Bridget Hoefling
Geri Johnson
Teresa Miller
Rick Moon
Dan Moore
James O'Donnell
Robert Paulsrud
Judy Peterson
Keith Radig
Dr. Robert Rasmus
Marcia Rosacker
Jeff Simonsen

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