Woodbury County FY 2023 to FY 2027 Construction Program

posted on 4/5/22
posted by Secondary Roads

On April 5, 2022, the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors approved the Secondary Road Department Five Year Construction Program.  The program has a total of $27,120,000 in bridge replacement and road improvement projects scheduled over the next five year period. The program replaces 22 county bridges, 2 large box culverts and plans the rehabilitation of 25.6 miles of the county's asphalt and portland cement concrete pavements. The project also includes the acquisition of right of way for a new interchange with I-29 south of Sioux City.

The program period begins July 1, 2022, with the beginning of Fiscal Year 2023. 

If you have any questions, you can contact:

Mark Nahra
County Engineer

Ben Kusler
Project Engineer

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