Health and Wellness Committee

Committees - Special Purpose Committees


The purpose of the committee has been to listen to the members and keep them informed on the finances and the functions of the health insurance and other benefit plans so they may share that information with others in their area. The goal is to also gain wellness within the County to touch more people's lives and control costs.


Dennis Butler, Michael Clayton, Kevin Grieme, Karen James, Dianne McTeer, Melissa Thomas, Diane Swoboda Peterson, Cathy Warner, Matthew Ung, Dan Heissel, Michelle Skaff, Joseph Bukovich, Jamie Amick, Ryan Chytka, Deb Twyford,

  • Supervisors Assigned: Matthew Ung
  • Number of Members: 15
  • Meetings: Committee meets on a quarterly basis


8th Floor County Courthouse
620 Douglas Street, Sioux City, IA, United States