Commercial Wind Energy Conversion Systems Permitting

Commercial Wind Energy Conversion Systems Ordinance AND AMENDMENTS

  • An ordinance that establishes guidelines for the effective and efficient development and use of large-scale Commercial Wind Energy Conversion Systems (C-WECS) projects by regulating and requiring a C-WECS Special Use Permit for the siting, design, construction, operation, and decommissioning of these wind energy conversion systems (WECS) to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of teh County's residents and businesses.


    • Ordinance #56An Ordinance regulating commercial wind energy conversion systems in unincorporated Woodbury County as amended by Ordinance #67 and Ordinance #72

    • Ordinance #67:
      • Occupied Residence Turbine Setback Requirement amended to 2,500 FT.
    • Ordinance #72:
      • City Limits Turbine Setback Requirement amended to 2 miles.
      • Pubilc Conservation Setback Requirement amended to 1 mile.


Protected Area


Turbine Set Back Requirement

Adjacent Property Lines

110% of total height

Occupied Residence

2,500 feet (Amended by Ordinance #67)

Unoccupied Non-Residential Building

110% of total height

Confinement Feeding Operation Building

110% of total height

Public Road Right-of-Way

600 feet or 110% of total height (whichever is greater)

Public Drainage District Right-of-Way


                         Open Ditch

300 feet

                         Tile (centerline)

100 feet

Public Conservation Area

1 mile (Amended by Ordinance #72)


600 feet

City Limits

2 miles (Amended by Ordinance #72)

Airports (public and private)

FAA consultation and determination required

The above table is an excerpt from Ordinance #56 as amended by Ordinance #67 and Ordinance #72.

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