Mobile Homes

Learn how mobile homes are titled and taxed.

Mobile Home Titles

  • Mobile homes are titled in the county or state where the mobile home is located. 
    • If the mobile home is changing locations within another county, a tax clearance is required from the county the mobile home sits in before the title can be transferred to the new owners. This ensures there are no delinquent taxes on this property. To obtain a tax clearance, the owner who sells the home between July 1 and December 31 must have paid the September installment of property taxes. The owner who sells the home between January 1 and June 30 must pay the March property taxes.
  • Tax clearance is required for any mobile home that is changing locations, even within the county.
  • Mobile homes can be taxed as real property if it sits out in the county and is on a permanent foundation or taxed as a mobile home if it sits in a park. Mobile homes are taxed as real estate if sitting outside a park regardless if the mobile home is on a permanent foundation. Property taxes for these are due annually with installments being made in September and in March.
  • If a mobile home is sitting outside of a mobile home park and is on a permanent foundation, the mobile home title must  be surrendered.
  • Mobile homes have titles that need to be transferred, just like a vehicle title, within 30 days of purchase. The new owner(s) will also be required to complete an application for certificate of title and/or registration form (Form 411007).
  • Fee for new registration (Use Tax) is only paid on a prorated portion of the purchase price if the mobile home is brand new or if a used mobile home is brought into Iowa for the first time. No fee for new registration is collected upon transfer of a used mobile home. 
  • Tiny Homes/House on Wheels, provided the dimensions don’t exceed 8’6” x 45’ and the wheels/frame are permanently affixed, are titled as a towable recreational vehicle. If such vehicle will be used as a place for habitation for more than 90 consecutive days, it should be titled as a mobile home.

Mobile Home Documents

  • Certificate of Title and/or Registration Form (Form 411007)

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