New to Iowa?

 To register your vehicle in Iowa, you will need:

  • Your out-of-state title, if available, or your out-of-state registration.   Please make note of your current odometer.
  • Your Iowa Driver's License/ID, or Proof of Social Security Number and a valid picture ID issued by another state.
  • Completed and signed application for certificate of Iowa title and/or registration (Form 411007) by all owners. 

* Please note, if you plan on transferring your motor vehicle records, there is no appointment needed unless you are processing four (4) or more titles.

Iowa law requires you to register your motor vehicle within the county that you reside within 30 days of the date you establish residency.  Iowa registration is required even though you still have valid license plates in another state.   Contact your previous state for the best way to dispose of their license plates.  

If you are providing an out-of-state registration or your out-of-state title, you will be required to obtain an Iowa title if/when you sell the vehicle in Iowa.  You should transfer your title to Iowa once you receive your out-of-state title from the lienholder. If your title is at a lienholder, you may contact them to notify them of your change of residency and request the title be mailed to us for updating.  You can also wait until the vehicle is paid in full and bring the title in at that time. 

Is this a leased vehicle?

The lessee will need the following documents/forms to receive Iowa plates and registration:

  • Your out-of-state registration.
  • Your Iowa Driver's License, or Proof of Social Security Number and a valid picture ID issued by another state.
  • Application for certificate of title and/or registration for a leased vehicle (Iowa DOT Form 411179
  • A completed Worksheet to Determine Fee for New Registration on Leased Vehicles for Move-Ins (Iowa Department of Revenue Form 35-051)

Fees are as follows:

  • Iowa Title Fee = $25.00
  • Iowa Lien Fee = $10.00
  • Leased Vehicle Move-in Fee for New Registration, when applicable
  • Iowa Registration = Variable.  
    In Iowa, vehicle rates are based on make, model, year, weight, and list price.  However, vehicles that are 12 years or older are generally a flat rate of $50/year (with a few exceptions). You may call or email our office with the VIN of your vehicle to verify the annual fee, or use the Iowa DOT's Registration Fee Calculator.

Iowa DOT Registration Fee Calculator


To get started:

Click on Tools,

then click on Dealer Inquiry.

Dealer Inquiry Tools

Weight and List Price Calculator

Look up the annual registration fee for vehicles by VIN or by year, make, and model.

Weight and List Price Calculator


Fee Estimator

Estimates all vehicle fees, including the registration fee, title fee, lien fee, and fee for new registration.

  • Complete all yellow-highlighted fields
  • Other fields may be completed, if applicable.

Fee Estimator



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