Trailers, Travel Trailers, & Campers

All trailers used upon the Iowa roadways are required to be registered and plated.

Iowa differentiates trailers by empty weight. 

Regular Trailers: 

  • Weigh 2,001 lbs or more
  • Are titled
  • Have an annual fee of $30/year

Small Regular Trailers:

  • Weigh 2,000 lbs or less
  • Are NOT titled; only issued a registration
  • Have an annual fee of $20/year 

Selling/buying a regular trailer

  • The seller(s) signs the title over to the new owner and provides a bill of sale to the buyer.
  • The buyer(s) submits the title and bill of sale to the treasurer's office, and completes an application for title and/or registration (Form 411007) to transfer the title into their name and get plates/registration.

Selling/buying a Small Regular Trailer

  • The seller(s) signs the bottom portion of the most current registration and provides a bill of sale to the buyer.   (If selling a boat and a small trailer together, and the seller must itemize the value of each on the bill of sale.)
    • If the most current registration cannot be found, the seller can purchase a replacement registration from their county treasurer's office for $3.00.
    • If a replacement registration cannot be achieved, the seller provides the buyer with a bill of sale with identifying information for the trailer (VIN, year, make, model, and Iowa plate number if available).
  • The buyer(s) submits the bill of sale and/or signed-over registration to the country treasurer's office, and completes an application for title and/or registration (Form 411007) to get plates/registration.

Homemade Trailers

If you have constructed a trailer from scratch that does not have a manufacturer's VIN on it, you will need to bring in a weight ticket and the trailer's specifics: length and width as well as color.

If the trailer's empty weight is over 2,000 lbs, you will need to contact the Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection to be issued a VIN. Visit Iowa DOT's  Vehicle Inspections for Titling webpage for more information and to contact an investigator.

If the trailer weighs 2,000 lbs or less, we will register this trailer as a homemade small trailer.   No inspection is needed.

Travel Trailers

All travel trailers & camping trailers have a title regardless of weight. See Title Transfers for more information.  

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