Motor Vehicles Title Transfers

Find helpful information about title transfers in Woodbury County and links to a bill of sale and the odometer and damage disclosure statements.

Below are the minimum required Documents for Title Transfers:

  • Title appropriately signed by seller(s) and assigned to the buyer.
    • Seller is required to disclose the odometer on the title for vehicles 20 years and newer.
    • Seller is required to answer the damage disclosure questions on an Iowa title for vehicles 7 years and newer.
  • Bill of sale disclosing the purchase price and signed by the seller and the buyer. 
  • Application for Iowa Title/Registration signed by all owners who are going foward onto the new title.

Additional documentation is required when vehicles are sold from or to a trust, the owner is deceased, and for transfers by operations of law.  If you have a specific situation and have questions about the documents you will need, please call our office at 712-279-6500.

Autos, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, mopeds, campers, mobile homes, and trailers greater than 2,001 lbs are titled within the state of Iowa.

Trailers less than or equal to 2,000 lbs are issued registration only.

New owners have 30 days from the date of purchase to transfer their title. Penalties apply after 30 days.

In Iowa, new owners can drive the vehicle for 30 days from purchase date without plates on as long as previous owners had current registration.  The owner must carry properly assigned title or bill of sale and proof of insurance if stopped by law enforcement.

  • Odometer Disclosure Statement is required for vehicles 20 years and newer.  The odometer must be disclosed on the title by the seller.
  • Damage Disclosure Statement is required for vehicles 7 years and newer.   
    • If the vehicle is purchased from an Iowa resident, the seller is required to answer the damage disclosure questions on the Iowa title.
    • If the vehicle is purchased from a non-Iowa resident, the buyer must complete section 2 and sign.
  • Bill of Sale
    • A bill of sale is required on all title transfers (including trailers), even when it is a gift.
    • The Iowa State Treasurer's Association in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Revenue aim to substantiate vehicle purchase prices.
    • A Bill of Sale must include:
      • Seller Name
      • Buyer Name
      • Purchase Price
      • Vehicle Details (year, make, model, VIN).
      • Form must be signed by the seller and buyer

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