Motor Vehicles Specialized Plates

Ordering Specialized Plates

When registering your vehicle you have the option to register using standard County plates, or you can also choose from one of the many specialty plates. Most of the Non-Personalized Specialty plates are available in office for an additional fee.

You also have the option to personalize most of the specialty plates available, these plates will need to be ordered online. Below are some examples of specialized plates.

Specialty License Plate Options

Specialty License Plate Options - Universities

Visit the Iowa DOT Personalized  & Specialty Plates page to complete your order through an online process. You may also visit their web page by clicking on a license plate below:

God Bless America Plate
God Bless America


University of Iowa Plate
University of Iowa


Iowa State University Plate
Iowa State University


University of Northern Iowa
University of Northern Iowa


Receiving Your New Plates

The plates will be mailed to the Treasurer's Office within 4-6 weeks. Our office will send you notification when the plates have been received. You will need to bring in your current plates to receive the new plates.

Blackout and flying our colors Plate Designs - Now Available

Standard Numbered Blackout and Flying Our Colors Plates are available in both locations.

Blackout Plate

  • $35 initial fee to the Road Use Tax Fund
  • $10 annual registration fee for the Blackout Plate renewal
  • Annual registration renewal fee 

Flying Our Colors Plate

  • $35 initial fee for the Flood Mitigation Fund
  • $10 annual registration fee for the Flood Mitigation Fund
  • Annual registration renewal fee

Blackout Plate

Flying Our Colors Plate


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